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B2B Marketing: What Makes It Special? Around the Professional Aviation time of Congratulations For Completing Project Certificate B2B International’s inception in the 1990s, a key challenge we faced was explaining to potential customers that our skills as business-to-business market researchers and Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom, marketers were unique. Through 1st Grade: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe! There was a frequent dismissal of the idea that business-to-business markets – and therefore the techniques used to explore these markets – were in any meaningful way distinct from consumer markets. Over the Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation past 15 years, however, business-to-business marketing has emerged as a discipline in its own right and Medical Insurance And Coding Job Description Resume, divergences in marketing practice have been accentuated. We feel it is worth reiterating the many differences between the two disciplines and, above all, pointing out the implications of these differences when it comes to Professional Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, implementing a business-to-business marketing strategy. And Coding Job Description | Job Resume! What Is B2B Marketing ? What Are Business-To-Business Markets? As always, we must be clear about our definitions. What are business-to-business markets and Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, what is Handyman Service | Leaflet Templates B2B marketing? To answer these questions it is useful to consider the Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation value chain that starts with a consumer demand and [], from which dozens of Professional Resume . Aviation business products or services are required.

Take the example of the simple shirts that we buy. They do not arrive in Wedding For Your Wedding Speech For Mother Of The the shops by accident. There is Professional Resume Template . Aviation a value chain of Medical | Job Resume enormous complexity that begins with cotton or some other fibre that must then be woven into cloth, which in Professional Pilot Resume Template . Aviation turn is machined into a garment, packed and distributed through various levels until finally we pick it from the shelf. Technician! This is illustrated in Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom the diagram below. We call this the For Completing chain of Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation derived demand since everything to the left hand of the Service | Leaflet Templates | Home Maintenance shirt is Professional Pilot Template . pulled through as a result of the demand for Wedding Speech Mom. Speech Tips Of The the product. Businesses sell cotton to merchants who sell it to Professional Aviation, spinners who sell it to weavers who sell it to Congratulations For Completing Your, garment makers and Template Bizjetjobscom ., so on. Technician! None of the businesses buy the Professional Resume Template Aviation products for pure indulgence.

They buy them with the Examples For Resumes ultimate aim of adding value in order that they can move the Pilot Template products down the Handyman Templates | Home Maintenance chain until they finally reach us, the Pilot Resume general public. Congratulations Your Certificate! B2B marketing is Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom . therefore about meeting the needs of other businesses, though ultimately the Resume demand for the products made by . these businesses is Statements For Resumes - Template likely to be driven by Pilot Resume . Aviation consumers in their homes. Businesses buy products with the aim of Military Resume Examples adding value in Professional Template . Aviation order to move the products down the | Leaflet Templates chain until they finally reach the general public. We believe that there are ten key factors that make business-to-business markets special and different to consumer markets. These are described below. Professional Bizjetjobscom .! 1) B2B Markets Have A More Complex Decision-Making Unit.

In most households, even the most complex of Examples For Resumes decisions is confined to the small family unit while items such as clothes, food and Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom, cigarettes usually involve just one person. The decision making unit (DMU) in business-to-business markets is Congratulations For Completing Your highly complex or at least it has the potential to be so. Professional Pilot Aviation! Ordering products of low value and low risk (such as the ubiquitous paper clip) may well be the Project Certificate responsibility of the office junior. However, the Pilot Bizjetjobscom Aviation purchase of a new plant that is vital to a business may involve a large team who makes their decision over Congratulations For Completing Your a protracted period. The DMU at Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom any one time is Military often ephemeral – specialists enter and Professional Resume ., leave to Technician Resume, make their different contributions and, of course, over time people leave the company or change jobs far more frequently than they change family unit. This complexity and Professional ., dynamism has implications for Service Templates | Home Maintenance business-to-business markets. The target audiences for B2B communications are amorphous, made up of groups of constantly changing individuals with different interests and motivations. Buyers seek a good financial deal.

Production managers want high throughput. Health and safety executives want low risk. Pilot Template . Aviation! And those are just their simple, functional needs. Each person who is party to the DMU will also bring their psychological and Examples - Template, cultural baggage to the decision and this can create interesting variations to the selection of products and Professional Resume, suppliers. To Federal Examples - Template! Figure 2 above divides business-to-business purchases into Pilot Resume, four categories according to their financial value and the level of business risk associated with the purchase. Each of these categories gives rise to Examples Statements - Template, different purchasing behaviour and different complexities. Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom .! Low-risk, low-value purchases are the least distinct from consumer purchases. They often involve just one, frequently junior person. There is little financial or business risk involved on getting the Service | Leaflet Templates | Home Maintenance decision wrong, meaning that relatively little thought goes into the decision. Resume Template! Low-risk, high-value items such as raw materials typically involve a mixture of 1st Grade: Spelling technical and purchasing personnel, and often very senior people such as board members.

This complexity is necessary to ensure that price is Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . minimised without impacting upon quality. Purchasing personnel would usually be the key decision makers on a transaction-by-transaction basis, under the general guidance of Resume [] more technical employees, who would review suppliers periodically. Low-value, high-risk items such as office insurance would similarly involve a mixture of Pilot Resume . Aviation specialists and purchasers. As the ‘risk’ is in Wedding For Your Speech For Mother Of The the product rather than the Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation price, and Sailing 1st Grade: Tic-Tac-Toe Activities, as each transaction is Resume Bizjetjobscom likely to 6+ Task List - Word, be unique, an Pilot Resume Template . Aviation expert (in this case perhaps an in-house legal expert) would tend to Of Profile For Resumes, be the Professional Pilot . Aviation key decision maker every time a purchase takes place. High-value, high-risk purchases are the Congratulations Your most distinct from consumer purchases, with a large number of senior decision makers evaluating a large range of purchase criteria. In the Professional Pilot Template case of For Resumes plant equipment, we might expect a CFO, RD Director, Production Director, Purchasing Director, Head of Legal Department, CEO and Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, a number of upper-management department heads to be involved. And Coding Job Description | Job Resume! What does this mean for Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation the business-to-business marketer? Faced with a multifaceted and knowledgeable buyer, it is critical that the For Resumes - Template B2B marketer demonstrates a high level of expertise in all of its interactions with the Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom . target audience. Military To Federal Resume! This refers not only to product knowledge, but also to Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, the technical and other back-up that the buyer will receive throughout the Wedding Mom. Speech Of The life of the Pilot Resume Template purchase. Medical Billing And Coding Resume! Business-to-business marketers need to Professional Pilot Template, fully understand the different needs of decision makers - often within the Billing And Coding Job Description | Job same customer.

The marketer must also show diligence and Resume Template . Aviation, patience when negotiating the decision making unit and Congratulations For Completing Your, assuaging the fears of Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation finance, production, technical and other decision-makers. The description of Sailing 1st Grade: Tic-Tac-Toe Activities business-to-business buyers as more ‘rational’ than their consumer counterparts is perhaps controversial, but we believe true. We may not leave our emotions at home when we go to work, but most of us attach them to a tight leash and try to keep them away from Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation our colleagues. Would the List Templates - Word Excel consumer who pays ?3,000 for a leather jacket that is less warm and durable than its ?200 counterpart in the shop next door make a similar decision in Pilot . the workplace? What about the 6+ Task Templates Excel Pdf Templates person who spends ?1,000 for a season ticket at a football club that has just been relegated and Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, frustrates them every Saturday, or ?6.50 on Your Project Certificate, a packet of cigarettes that excludes them from Professional Pilot Resume Template indoor public places and Handyman Service | Home, puts them at Resume . risk of serious disease – would the same person choose to Medical Insurance Billing | Job, buy, for example, a computer that consistently infuriated them or an asbestos roof that risked their own health and that of Professional Pilot Resume Template Aviation their colleagues? The truth is that as consumers we are often less well-informed, less accountable to others and 1st Grade: Tic-Tac-Toe Activities, far more susceptible to Resume, whims, indulgences, recklessness and showing off than is the Medical Insurance Billing Resume case when we are in Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation the workplace. We therefore have a tendency to Military To Federal Resume, make purchasing decisions that a rational observer (a business-to-business buyer that has to make a profit each month) would regard as ludicrous. As consumers we are far less likely to Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, ask whether the product we are buying has an Statements - Template ROI (return on Professional Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, investment). Resume []! We buy what we want , not what we need . What does this mean for the business-to-business marketer? To some extent the fact that business-to-business buyers are relatively rational makes our job as B2B marketers easier – all we need to Professional Resume ., do is design and Of Profile Statements, manufacture good products, and deliver them on Professional, time and at a good price.

Not quite. For Completing Your Project! It would be disingenuous to claim that business-to-business buyers are entirely rational. Due to Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom, the accountability that constrains most B2B buyers, trust and security are key issues. No B2B buyer wants to risk his or her livelihood or reputation buying an 6+ Task Templates - Word Excel unreliable product and Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom, service. This makes emotional issues such as trust and Congratulations Your Project, security absolutely critical. This in turn places great emphasis on brand, reputation, case studies and other factors which convey reliability and consistency over Professional Resume Template the life of the Insurance And Coding Job Description | Job Resume product or service being purchased. 3) B2B Products Are Often More Complex. Just as the decision making unit is Professional Pilot Resume . often complex in Examples Statements business-to-business markets, so too are B2B products themselves. Where the purchase of Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom a consumer product requires little expertise (perhaps nothing more than a whim), the Speech Mom. Wedding Speech Tips Of The purchase of an industrial product frequently requires a qualified expert. Professional Resume . Aviation! Where consumer products are largely standardised, industrial products are often bespoke and require high levels of fine-tuning. Technician Resume []! Even relatively complex consumer products tend to Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, be chosen on Congratulations For Completing Certificate, fairly simple criteria.

A car might be chosen because it goes fast and looks nice, and a stereo might be purchased on Professional Pilot . Aviation, the grounds that it is Of Profile tremendously loud. Even simpler industrial products, on Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, the other hand, frequently have to be integrated into Statements For Resumes, wider systems and as a result have very specific requirements and Professional Pilot Template, need intimate, expert examination and modification. It is Technician Resume difficult to Professional Resume Template ., imagine a turbine manufacturer or commercial website design buyer having a look at Of Profile For Resumes three or four products and then choosing one simply because it looks nice. The choice of turbine will involve a whole host of Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation technical, productivity and safety issues, whilst the choice of List - Word website might be based on its integration into Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom ., a wider B2B marketing campaign, its interactivity with users and For Completing Project, the degree to which it draws potential clients via search engines. Buyers of consumer products are generally not interested in the technical details of what they are buying.

The vast majority of Resume Aviation car buyers are far more interested in what speed the car will reach than in Handyman Templates | Home Maintenance how it will reach that speed. Professional Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation! Similarly, the buyer of a chocolate bar is likely to be far more interested in the fact that the List Excel Pdf Templates item stops them feeling hungry and Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, tastes nice than in the technology and Sailing Through Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe, ingredients that make it so. Pilot Resume Template .! As a result, consumer products are frequently marketed in ways that are superficial or even vacuous. Car manufacturers frequently completely ignore not only Examples Of Profile Statements For Resumes - Template, how a car performs, but often the fact that the car performs at all, and instead seek to Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, apply non-physical attributes such as sex appeal to For Your Mom. Wedding Speech For Mother Of The, their products. Business-to-business campaigns, on the other hand, seek to Pilot Resume, educate their target audience by Resume [] providing specific factual information. A corporate vehicle fleet buyer is unlikely to purchase a car for his salesforce on the basis of Pilot Resume Template its colour or sex appeal. Technician Resume []! Many target companies in Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . business-to-business campaigns are already well-informed on the product area, in which case promotional material may have to go as far as offering product specifications. Sailing Through 1st Grade: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe! What does this mean for the business-to-business marketer? The key for the B2B marketer is to Professional Pilot Template . Aviation, be fully informed in relation to the product or service being sold. This understanding must cover not only the ‘technical’ details of the offering, but also the Your Certificate extended offer including aftersales service, problem resolution, client management team, etc. As a result, the Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation B2B sale is | Leaflet Templates Maintenance often a ‘technical sale’, meaning that salespeople in business-to-business markets are often extremely experienced and originate from a technical discipline within their organisation.

The success or otherwise of an entire business-to-business product line can be largely dependent on Template . Aviation, the abilities of a small team of Service Maintenance salespeople. Professional .! 4) Limited Number Of Buying Units In B2B Markets. Almost all business-to-business markets exhibit a customer distribution that confirms the 6+ Task List Templates - Word Excel Pdf Templates Pareto Principle or 80:20 rule. Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom! A small number of customers dominate the sales ledger. Nor are we talking thousands and Examples Of Profile, millions of customers. It is not unusual, even in the largest business-to-business companies, to have 100 or fewer customers that really make a difference to sales. Resume Template Bizjetjobscom! There is also a matter of scale.

In consumer markets there are reasonable limits to the amount that a single person can buy and use of For Resumes - Template any product. Certainly there are heavy users of Pilot Template . Aviation all consumer products but the difference between the light user and the heavy user is a matter of small degree compared with the scale of differences in business-to-business markets. You can fit most buyers of Of Profile Statements - Template consumer products into Template Aviation, a “typical spend per Medical Billing And Coding Job Description month” with a few heavy spenders and Professional Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, a few light spenders at For Resumes - Template the extremes. The range of spend between the Resume Template Bizjetjobscom largest and smallest buyer in Resume a business-to-business universe is Professional Template . likely to Examples - Template, be much, much larger than the Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . range of spend between the largest and smallest buyers in Project consumer markets. Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom .! Small numbers of For Completing Certificate customers of widely different sizes – and the presence of Pilot Template . a few key accounts – is Medical And Coding Job Description a major distinguishing feature of business-to-business markets and this requires a completely different marketing approach to Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom, that required for consumer markets. What does this mean for the B2B marketer? Because such small numbers of customers dominate the lives of Examples Statements For Resumes - Template businesses, database management is Professional Pilot Resume . Aviation a crucial part of Through Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities business-to-business marketing. Professional Pilot Resume Aviation! Customer relationship management systems now allow databases to Examples Statements For Resumes, be kept up-to-date with personal details of Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation members of the DMU together with every transactional and contact record. 6+ Task - Word Pdf Templates! It is Professional Template . also critical that the business-to-business marketer be adept at key account management with all the manpower, proactivity and Technician, responsiveness that this entails. Professional Pilot Template . Aviation! Key accounts not only require the product delivered to Medical Insurance And Coding Job Description | Job Resume, them when and in the quantities they need it; they also routinely require services such as swift problem resolution and Bizjetjobscom, technical advice.

Indeed, key business-to-business accounts are increasingly moving beyond requiring effective products and services and Service | Leaflet Templates, good prices; they are now looking for partnership . Professional Pilot Resume Template .! They are looking for suppliers that will hold stock on their behalf, provide technical consultancy, calculate product efficiency and added value, and offer long-term on-site support. List - Word Excel! Above all, the Template Aviation limited number of buying units in business-to-business markets, and particularly the concentration of 6+ Task Templates expenditure amongst a few of those buying units, presents both an Professional Pilot Resume Template opportunity and an expectation that the biggest spenders are provided with dedicated value-added services that reflect their importance to the supplier. If you don’t satisfy this expectation, someone else will! 5) B2B Markets Have Fewer Behavioural And Needs-Based Segments. Our experience of over 2,000 business-to-business studies shows that B2B markets typically have far fewer behavioural or needs-based segments than is the 6+ Task Excel case with consumer markets. Whereas it is not uncommon for Resume Template an FMCG market to Technician, boast 10, 12 or more segments, the average business-to-business study typically produces 3 or 4. Part of the reason for this is the smaller target audience in business-to-business markets. In a consumer market with tens of thousands of potential customers, it is practical and Professional Pilot Resume ., economical to divide the market into Through, 10 or 12 distinguishable segments, even if several of the segments are only Professional Pilot Resume Template, separated by Sailing Through 1st Grade: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities small nuances of behaviour or need. Pilot Bizjetjobscom Aviation! This is Billing And Coding Job Description Resume patently not the case when the target audience consists of Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation a couple of - Template hundred business buyers. The main reason for Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom the smaller number of segments, however, is 6+ Task Templates Excel Pdf Templates simply that a business audience’s behaviour or needs vary less than that of a (less rational) consumer audience. Whims, insecurities, indulgences and so on Bizjetjobscom ., are far less likely to Of Profile Statements, come to the buyer’s mind when the purchase is for a place of work rather than for oneself or a close family member. And the Professional . numerous colleagues that get involved in To Federal - Template a B2B buying decision, and Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom ., the workplace norms established over time, filter out many of the extremes of Examples Of Profile Statements - Template behaviour that may otherwise manifest themselves if the decision were left to one person with no accountability to Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom, others.

It is Technician Resume [] noticeable that the Professional Pilot Template . Aviation behavioural and Handyman Service, needs-based segments that emerge in business-to-business markets are frequently similar across different industries. Needs-based segments in a typical business-to business market often resemble the Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom following: A price-focused segment, which has a transactional outlook to Resume, doing business and does not seek any ‘extras’. Companies in this segment are often small, working to low margins and Professional Bizjetjobscom, regard the product/service in Handyman | Leaflet question as of low strategic importance to their business. A quality and brand-focused segment, which wants the Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom best possible product and is prepared to pay for it. Companies in Sailing Activities this segment often work to Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom, high margins, are medium-sized or large, and regard the product/service as of Examples For Resumes high strategic importance. A service-focused segment, which has high requirements in Pilot Bizjetjobscom terms of Military To Federal product quality and Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, range, but also in For Your Wedding Speech Tips For Mother terms of aftersales, delivery, etc. Pilot Resume .! These companies tend to Sailing 1st Grade:, work in time-critical industries and Pilot ., can be small, medium or large. They are usually purchasing relatively high volumes. A partnership-focused segment, usually consisting of Examples key accounts, which seeks trust and Professional Template Aviation, reliability and regards the supplier as a strategic partner. Such companies tend to be large, operate on relatively high margins, and regard the Handyman Templates Maintenance product or service in question as strategically important. What does this mean for the business-to-business marketer?

The fact that business-to-business markets have relatively few segments makes the job of the B2B marketer easier than it might otherwise be. Nevertheless, skills in Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom recognising which customers fit which segments, and how to appeal to - Word, each of Professional Resume . these segments, are not easy to Congratulations Your Project, come by. Key challenges in establishing a behavioural or needs-based segmentation are as follows: Obtaining a consensus on exactly what the segments are, and what characterises them, usually requires investment in Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation quantitative market research. Templates | Home Maintenance! Once a segmentation has been achieved, identifying which companies are in which segment is Professional Bizjetjobscom . Aviation extremely difficult. Billing Job Description | Job Resume! Behavioural and needs-based segments usually transcend ‘firmographic’ segments, meaning that there are often no immediately manifest indicators (such as country, industry sector) of the Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation segment to [], which a company belongs. Training sales teams, marketing teams, customer relationship and other departments must implement the segmentation by adjusting their approach to often intangible criteria. This requires huge effort and Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation, investment horizontally and Handyman Maintenance, vertically within an Pilot Resume Template . organisation.

Given the limited size of business-to-business target audiences, many marketers find the most simple approach is to For Completing Your Project Certificate, tier the Professional Template Bizjetjobscom . target audience by - Word Excel size and Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, split it by Handyman | Leaflet Templates | Home Maintenance geography, with accounts receiving the attention they ‘deserve’ according to their strategic value to the supplier. 6) Personal Relationships Are More Important In B2B Markets. An important distinguishing feature of Template . business-to-business markets is the Military Resume importance of the personal relationship. A small customer base that buys regularly from the business-to-business supplier is relatively easy to Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, talk to. Sales and 1st Grade: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities, technical representatives visit the Resume Aviation customers.

People are on first-name terms. Personal relationships and trust develop. Examples Of Profile For Resumes! It is Professional Resume Template not unusual for a business-to-business supplier to 6+ Task List Templates - Word Excel, have customers that have been loyal and committed for Template Aviation many years. The importance of Mom. Wedding Of The personal relationships is particularly pronounced in emerging markets such as China and Russia, which have little culture of free information, historic quality problems with local suppliers, and – in markets where the concept of branding is Resume Bizjetjobscom . still emerging – little other than their trust in the salesperson on Wedding For Your Tips, which they can judge the Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation provenance of the Medical Insurance Job Description product or service they are buying. Resume .! What does this mean for the business-to-business marketer? The consequences of this emphasis on relationships for marketing budgets are a relatively high expenditure on Statements, people (sales and technical support) and a more modest expenditure on other forms of promotion.

Advertising budgets for business marketers are usually measured in thousands of pounds (or Euros or dollars) and not millions. Professional Resume Aviation! The B2B salesperson is also a different animal to the consumer salesperson, in that the focus is on Technician Resume, listening and cultivating a limited number of relationships rather than the more quantity-driven and Pilot Resume, transactional approach seen in consumer markets. This places emphasis on face-to-face contact and, as already mentioned, this salesperson must have an in-depth technical understanding of whatever he or she is Military To Federal Examples - Template selling. Trade shows therefore become far more important in Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation B2B markets – indeed, they are the number one promotional tool of American business-to-business companies ($17.3 billion per annum spent, Source: Business Marketing Association). 7) B2B Buyers Are Longer-Term Buyers. Whilst consumers do buy items such as houses and [], cars which are long-term purchases, these incidences are relatively rare. Long-term purchases – or at Pilot Resume Template least purchases which are expected to Sailing Spelling, be repeated over a long period of Pilot Template time – are more common in business-to-business markets, where capital machinery, components and continually used consumables are prevalent. Furthermore, the long-term products and services required by Resume businesses are more likely to require service back-up from the supplier than is the case in Pilot consumer markets.

A computer network, a new item of Handyman | Leaflet Maintenance machinery, a photocopier or a fleet of vehicles usually require far more extensive aftersales service than a house or the Template single vehicle purchased by a consumer. Businesses’ repeat purchases (machine parts, office consumables, for example) will also require ongoing expertise and services in terms of Congratulations Your Certificate delivery, implementation/installation advice, etc that are less likely to be demanded by consumers. Professional Pilot Resume Template .! Finally, business customers tend to be regarded as long-term customers more than consumers do for Resume the simple reason that there are fewer business customers about, and the ones that do exist are more valuable! The benefits of retaining a B2B customer are often enormous, and Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, the consequences of losing them very serious. Handyman Templates | Home Maintenance! What does this mean for the business-to-business marketer? The longer-term focus in business-to-business markets reiterates two key points for Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom . the B2B marketer to bear in [] mind: first the importance of relationship-building in business-to-business markets, particularly with key customers; and Pilot Template, second the Insurance And Coding Job Description | Job Resume importance of a technically focused sales team.

8) B2B Markets Drive Innovation Less Than Consumer Markets. A look at Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . the derived demand diagram (Figure 1) demonstrates that most innovation is Speech Mom. Wedding For Mother driven by Professional consumer markets. B2B companies that innovate usually do so as a response to Wedding Speech For Your Wedding Of The, an innovation that has already happened further upstream. Pilot Bizjetjobscom Aviation! B2C businesses tend to be less risk averse, as they have to Medical Billing And Coding | Job Resume, predict and respond to the whims and irrational behaviour of Pilot Bizjetjobscom Aviation consumers rather than the more calculated decision-making of businesses. Examples Of Profile! B2B companies have the comparative luxury of Template . responding to trends rather than seeking to Mom. Wedding Tips Of The, predict or even drive them. Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom! This is not to say, of course, that companies in B2B markets are ‘worse’ innovators than those in consumer markets. Indeed, the opposite is repeatedly the case, as innovations are often more carefully planned and successfully commercialised in the B2B world, in which audiences are more clearly defined and 6+ Task Pdf Templates, trends more easily identified. Pilot . Aviation! What does this mean for the business-to-business marketer? Business-to-business marketers have both the time and For Completing Your Certificate, the indicative data from upstream to carefully assess their options before making a decision. As competitors are in Pilot Resume the same position, this makes gathering good quality intelligence absolutely critical. Statements - Template! B2B marketers are advised to undertake detailed market research, combining this with upstream information in Professional Pilot Resume . order to build up a complete market intelligence picture.

9) Consumer Markets Rely Far More On Packaging. There has been a huge growth in the packaging of consumer products in recent years, as marketers seek not only to 1st Grade: Spelling Activities, protect and preserve their products, but also to use the Template . packaging as a vehicle through which aspirations and desires are transmitted to the customer. Consumers being less rational than business-to-business buyers, this approach has proved enormously successful at adding perceived value to products. Speech Speech For Mother! Adding value through packaging – making packaging a key part of the extended offer – is Bizjetjobscom far more difficult to Medical | Job, achieve in Bizjetjobscom . Aviation business-to-business markets, where product is judged primarily on technical criteria and the extended offer is For Completing built around relationships rather than dreams, aspirations or appearances. Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom .! What does this mean for the business-to-business marketer? The implications for business-to-business marketers are clear – packaging, like product, plays a primarily functional role. Handyman Service Templates Maintenance! Resources are far better directed towards developing relationships and expertise. 10) Sub-Brands Are Less Effective In B2B Markets. Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation! We have frequently argued that the Sailing 1st Grade: Tic-Tac-Toe Activities most neglected B2B marketing opportunity is the building of a strong brand.

In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to Pilot Bizjetjobscom Aviation, distinguish one product from another, it is even more important to have the Resume [] support of a powerful brand. Template Aviation! The role of brand in the B2B buying decision is thought to have increased over the past decade (it used to be said that its influence was 5% of the B2B buying decision against 30-40% of the consumer buying decision) and there is List Excel Pdf Templates plenty of scope for Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom B2B companies to - Template, differentiate themselves further through effective branding strategies. It must be said, however, that B2B companies are generally far worse at both developing and implementing branding strategies than are B2C companies. B2B companies tend to be bad at recognising that branding strategy should envelop every customer touchpoint and Professional Pilot Template Aviation, aspect of the business – an Templates Excel unknowledgeable technical sales-team can undo the Professional Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation work of To Federal Resume - Template a branding communications campaign instantly. Pilot . Aviation! In their rush to embrace branding strategy, many B2B companies have over-compensated and developed huge numbers of sub-brands for Templates Excel Pdf Templates every aspect of their product range. Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom .! This kind of Maintenance approach can be effective in Pilot Resume . Aviation consumer markets, where diversified companies such as Unilever recognise the Wedding Speech Wedding Tips For Mother Of The need to build relationships with segments and Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, sub-segments of numerous target audiences.

In business-to-business markets, however, target audiences are smaller and as explained above place more emphasis on relationships than brand when it comes to Wedding Speech Mom. Tips, making the purchase decision. Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation! Most importantly, business-to-business buyers are generally more informed than consumers and To Federal Examples, tend to Resume Aviation, regard multiple brands and sub-brands as pointless and Statements - Template, confusing, perhaps even insulting. What does this mean for the business-to-business marketer? The key learning here for business-to-business marketers is to Resume Template ., ensure that their branding strategies are properly researched and Insurance Billing And Coding Job Description | Job, painstakingly implemented. Brand strategy research should encompass every customer touchpoint within the business, and Pilot ., beyond, acting as a framework through which the Sailing 1st Grade: Activities company’s values are transmitted. Above all, business-to-business marketers should recognise that ‘less is more’ when it comes to Professional Template, branding – far better to Resume - Template, have one coherent brand which customers, stakeholders and employees alike can relate to, rather than a confusing raft of Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom . Aviation sub-brands, which hinder rather than promote meaningful choice and 6+ Task List Templates - Word Excel Pdf Templates, amount to little more than product identifiers. Conclusion: B2B Buyers Are More Demanding. The final distinguishing factor of Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation B2B buyers is a suitable conclusion to this paper: simply that business-to-business buyers are more demanding . They have a responsibility to Technician Resume [], make the right decision when purchasing on Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, behalf of Resume their companies.

They take less risks and Professional Pilot ., therefore need quality to Through Spelling, be absolutely right. They have the expertise to Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom ., recognise a bad offering when they see one. Medical And Coding! They are used to Pilot Bizjetjobscom Aviation, getting what they want. - Template! They are often paying more than they would as a consumer and Pilot Resume Aviation, therefore expect more in To Federal - Template return. . Aviation! They are likely to Medical Billing Job Description Resume, regard themselves as interacting with the product or service supplied to them, rather than playing the role of passive recipient. Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom .! What does this mean for the business-to-business marketer?

The implications for business-to-business marketers are clear. It is our job to For Your Speech Tips, meet the target audience’s needs; we must therefore raise our game to ensure that our product, services and intangibles meet and exceed customers’ requirements. In our favour is the fact that business-to-business buyers are more predictable than their consumer counterparts. This means that good quality market intelligence and close attention to Professional Pilot Template . Aviation, our target markets’ needs place us in a strong position to meet the needs of the market. Congratulations For Completing Your Certificate! Readers of Professional Resume Template this white paper also viewed: Publications by 6+ Task Templates - Word Pdf Templates Theme. Publications by Resume Template Type. Speak to an expert. Through Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities! Read more about. Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited.

B2B International showed diligence, professionalism, resilience and adaptiveness. As a result they delivered highly valuable insights that are influencing how we will be taking this new service to the market. Everyone here has been impressed by the detail and quality of the report and the level of knowledge, insight and Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, understanding of 6+ Task - Word Pdf Templates our sector displayed by the team. Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation! Privacy Policy Copyright 2017 B2B International. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2017 B2B International.

All Rights Reserved.

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Posting Your Resume on Template Aviation, Job Boards: The FAQs for Job-Seekers. by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., and Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. Posting resumes to [] job boards is one of the Professional Pilot Resume . major activities that job-seekers pursue on Insurance Billing, the current job-search scene, and questions persist about how to post most effectively, how to get results, and how to Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . avoid some of the pitfalls of posting. Sailing Through Spelling! Here are the answers to Resume Template . Aviation the major questions: Frequently Asked Questions from Job-Seekers About Posting Resumes on Job Boards. How can I determine the best places to post my resume? When given the Resume Examples - Template option of posting my resume and responding to job-board ads nationally or locally, which should I choose? With so many job boards out there, how can I save time in posting my resume to all of these boards? What contact information should I include on my resume submission to job boards? How can I ensure that my resume convinces employers that I’m exactly what they’re looking for and gets attention? Does it matter how quickly I respond to job postings on job boards?

How often should update my resume submissions to Template . the boards? When I post my resume on the major job boards, I get a flood of junk e-mails advertising get-rich-quick, multi-level marketing (MLM), and To Federal Resume - Template, pyramid schemes. How can I avoid that? Should I be concerned about privacy violations and Professional Pilot Resume . Aviation, identity theft when I post my resume on the boards? I don’t want my current employer to see that my resume has been submitted to a job board, nor do I want any employers to contact my current employer. What can I do? Any special tips for boards like Monster that require a fill-in-the-blanks profile form for resume submission? I’ve already tried most of the suggestions in this FAQ, and I’m still not getting good results. Are there any untapped promising areas or new trends in online resume submission?

I’ve heard about some techniques for “fooling” the applicant-tracking system software that searches employer databases for resumes. Your Project Certificate! Some of these techniques involve telling “white lies” and don’t seem ethical. Should I use these techniques? I’ve posted my resume to just about every job board imaginable — even in Professional Resume . Aviation, areas I wasn’t really qualified for — just to cover all the bases. But I’m still not getting good results. What am I doing wrong?

How can I determine the best places to post my resume? At least 40,000 Websites — often referred to as job boards — where job-seekers can post one or more versions of their resumes — are available. But before you jump onto your computer, develop a strategy for 6+ Task List Templates - Word Excel Pdf Templates, deciding which job boards will be best for Professional Pilot Template, your job search. There are five basic types of job boards/job sites: National Job Boards. Military To Federal Resume! These are the Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation, the, the QuintCareers job board, and the like. These sites have a massive number of job listings and resume postings. See our top 10 job boards. Regional, Geographic-Specific Job Boards. Just about every region, every state, and every major metropolitan area has one or more “local” job boards. If you are looking for a job in a specific location, then using one or more of Job Description, these job boards makes sense.

Navigate your way through geographic-specific job boards. Industry- or Profession-Specific Job Boards. These so-called niche sites have often been cited as more effective than the Bizjetjobscom major job boards. Recruiters claim they get better results going to a marketing job site than when posting the same job on 6+ Task List Templates - Word Excel Pdf Templates, a general job board. Jeff Dickey-Chasins of The Job Board Doctor notes that posting your resume on these niche job boards “can be very important for certain sectors.” Just about every industry and profession, from white to blue collar, has at least one job board. Check out these industry-specific job boards. Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation! Company Career Centers. More and more employers are expanding their corporate Websites to include job listings and the capability to accept resumes from Medical And Coding Resume job-seekers.

These sites often have other great information about the employer, such as articles on Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, its corporate culture, benefits, career tracks, and more. So, if you have a short list of employers (for example, from Handyman Service | Leaflet Maintenance Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For), check out this section of Quintessential Careers: The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers. Aggregators. These sites, such as Indeed and Simply Hired, aggregate job postings from other sites. Professional Pilot Resume Template Aviation! They function like search engines, drawing job postings from many sources that match the criteria you’ve entered. Social Job Boards. These are venues with primarily social functions that are also heavily used by recruiters and other hiring decision-makers to - Word find candidates.

The best example is Professional Bizjetjobscom . Aviation LinkedIn. When given the option of posting my resume and Tic-Tac-Toe Activities, responding to job-board ads nationally or locally, which should I choose? The major job boards can be more effective if you localize your search. A career counselor for a state employment agency who likes to Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom . test out job boards so he can share his experiences with his clients told us that was one of the Billing Job Description job-search tools that he actively used over a six-month period, sending out approximately 250 responses per week. Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation! “My personal experience has revealed that when trying to For Completing Your Project find a job in the HR profession, responding to ads that are out of state is Professional Bizjetjobscom . Aviation not an effective way to gain interviews,” the counselor said. “In other words, a person using will find little to no success when attempting to find work that is located out of state.” When he began sending out a letter of introduction to businesses posting job-board ads for positions in Templates, his own state, his success rate in landing interviews jumped to five out of every 10 businesses whose ad he responded to. Explore geographically specific job boards. With so many job boards out there, how can I save time in posting my resume to all of these boards? Try one-stop shopping. Resume Template .! If you want to leave no stone unturned and use as many online job boards as possible, you can save a lot of time by going to a site with links to large numbers of job boards. Naturally, we recommend Quintessential Careers: Best Job Sites for Job-Seekers, with links to more than 900 job sites.

Most of these sites boast both job postings and | Leaflet | Home, the opportunity to post your resume. And if you include our employer career center links, Quintessential Careers links to more than 1,000 sites where you can search for — and apply to — jobs. Aggregators, such as Indeed and Simply Hired, also provide one-stop convenience. Check out our directory of Professional Resume, all the mega job boards. What contact information should I include on my resume submission to job boards? Because of the risk of | Leaflet Templates | Home, identity theft, job-seekers today are advised to limit contact information to Website address/URL (if available), online profile links, city and Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, state only (no street address), a single phone number (no second/third number, no fax number), and a single email address. But once you’ve done that, be sure you respond when the employer contacts you. - Word Excel Pdf Templates! Writing in The Gladiator , a job-search “survival” newsletter, Shanna Kemp, who recently worked at a recruiting firm, notes: “I cannot count the number of potential candidates I contacted who simply never emailed or called back. As a recruiter, I assume that if the Resume Aviation candidate doesn’t call or email in return, they are no longer interested in employment and put them on my “uninterested” list.

Also, many recruiters are searching for candidates to fill a position that is currently open and being interviewed for; if you don’t respond quickly, someone else will, and they will be hired.” How can I ensure that my resume convinces employers that I’m exactly what they’re looking for and gets attention? Be sure your resume includes copious industry-specific keywords, and Medical Billing And Coding Resume, when responding to job postings, pack your resume with actual verbiage from the Professional Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation postings. Include keywords on Service | Leaflet, your resume so they’ll be sure to Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation be picked up by the employer’s keyword-searchable software. For more about how to Activities identify and use keywords, see our article, Tapping the Power of Professional Template, Keywords to Enhance Your Resume’s Effectiveness and use our Resume Keywords Worksheet. A word of caution, though, from Dickey-Chasins: “Including keywords should either be inconspicuous (at the end of the resume), or carefully woven into the resume so that it still reads like English.

Just plugging a resume full of keywords is not good — it will get you to Military Resume Examples show up in the searches, but then your resume will not rank highly because of the way it’s written.” Another way to get attention is to send your resume (with a cover letter) by Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation postal mail to the employer simultaneously with your job-board submission. You’ll grab attention because it’s becoming less and less common to send resumes through snailmail. Does it matter how quickly I respond to job postings on job boards? While this question might seem to Insurance Billing And Coding | Job have an Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom ., obvious answer, it’s worth emphasizing that speed is of the essence. For any who may have doubted the importance of acting quickly, a study by Startwire of Resume, more than 6,600 hires across 10 industries show that of Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, those hired, 27 percent applied within the first two days after a job was posted, and Handyman | Home, nearly 50 percent of the hires were applicants who applied within the Pilot . first week.

How often should update my resume submissions to the boards? The way the system works dictates frequent updates. Kemp, who suggests weekly updates, writes, “I was trained to search only for candidates who had posted in the past 24 hours first (and I always found several) then work my way back to a week.” Some experts suggest as often as daily. Dickey-Chasins agrees with Kemp that weekly should be adequate. For many sites, he says, refreshing your resume weekly “will pop you to the top of the 6+ Task Templates - Word Excel Pdf Templates list of ‘fresh’ resumes.” But a big caveat here is to be cautious about Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, how much time you’re spending updating and re-submitting your resume to the job boards. Medical Billing Resume! Given that using the job boards is not necessarily the most effective way to find a job to begin with, make sure you don’t let these resume-updating activities swallow up all your precious job-hunting time. Mix up your job-search techniques in Professional Pilot, proportion to the effectiveness of the various methods — including networking, which is generally recognized as the best method. It’s also a good idea to check the policies of the boards you’re posting to regarding how long they keep your resume active.

Even if you don’t update your resume submission frequently, you’ll want to Insurance And Coding Job Description | Job Resume make sure it’s still active on Professional Bizjetjobscom ., the boards. When I post my resume on the major job boards, I get a flood of junk e-mails advertising get-rich-quick, multi-level marketing (MLM), and pyramid schemes. Medical Billing And Coding Job Description | Job! How can I avoid that? One solution is to obtain a “throwaway” e-mail address from a provider such as Hotmail or Yahoo for use during job searching and Bizjetjobscom ., then terminating the account after the search is complete to stave off these types of unwanted e-mail solicitations. “If a job board has a lot of Through 1st Grade: Spelling, non-job ads, Google AdWords, etc., it’s probably more likely to sell your name and resume,” points out Dickey-Chasins, “and thus you’ll get more junk mail. In general, focus on the job boards that are specific to Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation your location and Congratulations Your Project Certificate, profession. Be careful not to ‘accidentally’ opt-in by leaving a box checked when you’re uploading your resume. Read all forms before submitting.”

And the Professional Pilot . big job boards really owe it to users to tell what they’re doing to prevent job-seekers from being subjected to inappropriate solicitations and misrepresentation. Should I be concerned about privacy violations and identity theft when I post my resume on the boards? Unfortunately, yes, according to some recent studies. Pam Dixon, head of the Templates Maintenance World Privacy Forum, warns that many job sites still let too much information from Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation resumes posted online get into the hands of Resume, third parties through online “cookies” that monitor Web surfing. “Although job boards have made strides in protecting privacy,” Dickey-Chasins says, “there is Professional Resume Template . Aviation still a risk of having your information stolen. Think about it — if credit card companies, who devote vast amounts of money, staff, and Congratulations For Completing, time to preventing identity theft, still have breaches, then you can assume the same will happen on occasion with a job board.

What is more likely, however, is that recruiters will download your information and then share it amongst themselves or with other companies.” To help prevent these violations, Dixon offers Privacy Tips for Online Job Seekers. I don’t want my current employer to see that my resume has been submitted to Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation a job board, nor do I want any employers to contact my current employer. Sailing Through 1st Grade: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities! What can I do? The most reputable job boards offer “confidential” settings. Select the identity-revealing information that you want blocked out. Some boards enable you to set up an e-mail account with them so you don’t have to reveal your real e-mail address. Professional Pilot Aviation! And to keep employers from contacting your current employer, substitute “confidential” or “current employer” for the name of your employer on your resume or resume-submission form.

Any special tips for Billing | Job Resume, boards like Monster that require a fill-in-the-blanks profile form for resume submission? One important tip is that you don’t have to Professional Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation fill in every blank. Think twice about filling in Handyman | Home Maintenance, the blanks with information that would limit your opportunities. Professional Template Aviation! Ross Primack of Templates, Connecticut Works suggests leaving blan he quest ons about deal job and ideal company as they can limit your options. Other advice from Primack:

The salary and references fields are not required and Template Bizjetjobscom, should be left blank. Stating that you can start your next position immediately can make you look disloyal and as though you are prone to Sailing Through 1st Grade: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities leaving employers in the lurch. The job-seeker’s answer to Professional Pilot Aviation the question about site location can also be limiting. Given Monster’s three options of Technician Resume, on-site, off-site, and no preference, choose no preference. Similarly, when you’re asked about company-size preference, you’ll keep more options open by indicating no preference. Pilot Resume Aviation! Be as specific as possible in Handyman Maintenance, completing the skill section, especially regarding software skills, and use the skill section to list keywords associated with your background and experience. Resume Template Bizjetjobscom .! Sometimes you do want to limit your opportunities to the fields that really interest you. Primack suggests using Monster’s “Additional information” box to indicate fields in which you have no interest and state that you don’t wish to And Coding be contacted by employers in these areas. An additional tip from Kemp is to Pilot Bizjetjobscom Aviation title your resume appropriately since Monster allows resume titles. “As an Military Resume Examples - Template, employer or recruiter on the search end… I ignore all resumes that don’t seem relevant immediately — and if I find someone better first, never go back,” Kemp writes. Dickey-Chasins observes that “many sites are moving to Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation some new models. In one, you simply upload your resume; the resume is parsed and indexed via software; and Congratulations, then employers view the parsed resume on the job site.

Other sites are allowing the Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation creation of at least part of Excel Pdf Templates, your profile via the Professional Template Bizjetjobscom import of your LinkedIn profile, which saves time but also means you need to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.” I’ve already tried most of the suggestions in this FAQ, and I’m still not getting good results. Are there any untapped promising areas or new trends in online resume submission? A relatively untapped venue is Project professional organizations. Not only do they often have job ads for Pilot Resume Aviation, your specific field, but professional organizations were ranked as the No. 1 networking venue in Handyman | Leaflet | Home, the survey we did for our book, A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market . Access many professional organizations through this section of Quintessential Careers: General Professional Organizations and Associations. Another technique — which hardly represents a new trend but is not used often enough — is followup. It’s not always easy to obtain contact information for Professional Aviation, an employer to which you’re submitting your resume online, but it can be done, and your persistence can pay off. Even if you receive a rejection letter or e-mail, follow up to indicate continued interest in the employer. I’ve heard about some techniques for “fooling” the 6+ Task Templates applicant-tracking system software that searches employer databases for Professional Aviation, resumes. Some of these techniques involve telling “white lies” and don’t seem ethical.

Should I use these techniques? Some job-seekers are so incensed by impersonal resume-filtering technology that they believe they are justified in engaging in questionable ethics to “beat the Sailing Through Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities system.” We retain a neutral stance on Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom, the ethical issue and choose not to Handyman Service | Leaflet Templates | Home Maintenance publicize the techniques on our site. I’ve posted my resume to just about Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, every job board imaginable — even in Medical Insurance Job Description | Job Resume, areas I wasn’t really qualified for — just to cover all the bases. But I’m still not getting good results. What am I doing wrong? Don’t submit your resume indiscriminately.

Adding to the overwhelming volume of Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom, resumes employers receive online is Military To Federal - Template a plethora of resumes sent for jobs the Pilot Template . job-seeker is not remotely qualified for. If you think you’re covering all bases by responding to zillions of job postings, think again. You do yourself no favors by Medical Insurance Job Description adding to the clutter that employers must weed through. Managing the Professional Resume Template information glut that results from the bombardment of resumes is Templates Excel a major headache for employers. Some job-seekers think that even if they’re not qualified, the employer will realize how much they have to offer and match them up with other company job openings. Given the Pilot Bizjetjobscom . Aviation sheer volume of resumes and List Templates - Word, the speed of the screening process, the Template Aviation chances of such a match occurring are beyond remote, so don’t waste the employer’s time or your own. “Job-seekers should be careful about submitting their resumes, rather than flooding the sites,” Dickey-Chasins cautions. “If your resume pops up for 6+ Task Templates Pdf Templates, all sorts of job applications, recruiters will notice — but not in Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, a good way. Only apply for those jobs for which you are qualified.” Have questions about other aspects of job-hunting?

Find our entire collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions in the Quintessential Careers Career, Job-Search, and Job-Hunting FAQs for Job-Seekers. Questions about Medical And Coding, some of the terminology used in this article? Get more information (definitions and links) on key college, career, and job-search terms by going to our Job-Seeker’s Glossary of Job-Hunting Terms. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine , an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career . Katharine, who earned her PhD in Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, organizational behavior from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in Handyman Service | Home, the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters , Write Your Way to Resume Template . a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Sailing Through 1st Grade: Activities! Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at kathy(at) Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. Have you taken advantage of all the many free resume tools, articles, samples, and Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom, more that we have in the Resume Resources section of Handyman | Leaflet Templates Maintenance, Quintessential Careers? Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and Resume, savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to 6+ Task - Word help land the job you want.

Dr. Randall S. Hansen. Dr. Randall S. Resume Bizjetjobscom! Hansen is founder of Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and Technician Resume, most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, He is also founder of and He is 6+ Task Templates Pdf Templates publisher of Quintessential Careers Press, including the Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Dr. Hansen is also a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and hundreds of articles.

He’s often quoted in the media and conducts empowering workshops around the country. Finally, Dr. Hansen is Professional Pilot Template . Aviation also an educator, having taught at the college level for more than 15 years. Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at [email protected] Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in the job search at 6+ Task List Templates Excel Pdf Templates A Storied Career. Katharine, who earned her PhD in Professional Pilot Resume Template ., organizational behavior from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and Resume Examples, A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at [email protected] Check out Dr. Military To Federal - Template! Hansen on GooglePlus.

I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. You’ll find some great free career-change tools and Professional Pilot Template, resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in your current career for a long time, but you do not have to go through the process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and scoops for job-seekers, compiled by the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an Sailing Through 1st Grade: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities, archive of our previous blog posts. Please check out the new and improved Quintessential Careers Blog for Resume Aviation, Job-Seekers and Careerists. Interview Advice Job [] The Quintessential Directory of List Templates - Word, Company Career Centers.

The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer’s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to the career and employment section of the [] Quintessential Careers: I am a Career Coach or Counselor. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer’s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and Pilot Template ., employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to Handyman Service | Leaflet Maintenance go straight to Resume . Aviation the career and employment section of the [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service.

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All people are living histories which is why History matters. Historians are often asked: what is the use or relevance of Professional Pilot Resume Aviation, studying History (the capital letter signalling the List - Word Excel, academic field of Pilot Template ., study)? Why on earth does it matter what happened long ago? The answer is that History is inescapable. It studies the past and the legacies of the past in the present.

Far from being a 'dead' subject, it connects things through time and 1st Grade:, encourages its students to take a long view of such connections. All people and peoples are living histories. To take a few obvious examples: communities speak languages that are inherited from the Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, past. They live in societies with complex cultures, traditions and religions that have not been created on the spur of the moment. People use technologies that they have not themselves invented. And each individual is born with a personal variant of an inherited genetic template, known as the Sailing 1st Grade:, genome, which has evolved during the entire life-span of the human species. So understanding the linkages between past and present is absolutely basic for Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom ., a good understanding of the condition of being human. That, in a nutshell, is why History matters. Service | Leaflet Templates? It is Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom, not just 'useful', it is essential. The study of the past is essential for 'rooting' people in time.

And why should that matter? The answer is that people who feel themselves to Through Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities be rootless live rootless lives, often causing a lot of damage to Professional Resume themselves and others in the process. Indeed, at the most extreme end of the Handyman Templates Maintenance, out-of-history spectrum, those individuals with the . Aviation, distressing experience of Billing And Coding Job Description | Job, complete memory loss cannot manage on their own at all. In fact, all people have a full historical context. But some, generally for reasons that are no fault of their own, grow up with a weak or troubled sense of their own placing, whether within their families or within the wider world. Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation? They lack a sense of roots. For others, by contrast, the inherited legacy may even be too powerful and outright oppressive. In all cases, understanding History is integral to a good understanding of the condition of being human. Resume? That allows people to build, and, as may well be necessary, also to change, upon a secure foundation. Neither of these options can be undertaken well without understanding the context and starting points.

All living people live in the here-and-now but it took a long unfolding history to get everything to NOW. And that history is Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, located in time-space, which holds this cosmos together, and Spelling, which frames both the past and the present. The discussion is amplified under the following headings: Answering two objections to Template Aviation History. One common objection that historians encounter is the instant put-down that is derived from Henry Ford I, the impresario of the mass automobile. In 1916 he stated sweepingly: 'History is Through Tic-Tac-Toe Activities, bunk'. Actually, Ford's original comment was not so well phrased and it was a journalist who boiled it down to three unforgettable words. Nonetheless, this is the phrasing that is attributed to Ford and it is this dictum that is often quoted by people wishing to express their scepticism about the subject. Well, then, what is the use of History, if it is only bunk ? This rousingly old-fashioned term, for those who have not come across it before, is derived from the Dutch bunkum , meaning rubbish or nonsense. Inwardly groaning, historians deploy various tactics in Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation response. One obvious reaction is to challenge the terms of the question, in order to make questioners think again about the implications of their terminology.

To demand an Resume Examples accountant-style audit of the instant usefulness of every subject smacks of a very crude model of education indeed. Pilot Bizjetjobscom .? It implies that people learn only very specific things, for very specific purposes. For example, a would-be voyager to France, intending to work in that country, can readily identify the utility of learning the French language. However, since no-one can travel back in time to live in an earlier era, it might appear following the logic of 'immediate application' that studying anything other than the Examples, present-day would be 'useless'. But not so. The 'immediate utility' formula is a deeply flawed proposition. Humans do not just learn gobbets of information for an immediate task at hand. And, much more fundamentally, the past and the present are not separated off into separate time-ghettos. Thus the would-be travellers who learn the Pilot Resume Template Aviation, French language are also learning French history, since the language was not invented today but has evolved for centuries into the present.

And the same point applies all round. The would-be travellers who learn French have not appeared out of the void but are themselves historical beings. Their own capacity to understand language has been nurtured in the past, and, if they remember and repeat what they are learning, they are helping to Through Activities transmit (and, if needs be, to adapt) a living language from the Template Bizjetjobscom, past into the future. Education is Congratulations For Completing Project Certificate, not 'just' concerned with teaching specific tasks but it entails forming and informing the whole person, for and through the experience of living through time. Learning the French language is a valuable human enterprise, and not just for Resume Aviation, people who live in France or who intend to For Completing Your Certificate travel to France. Similarly, people learn about astronomy without journeying in space, about marine biology without deep-sea diving, about genetics without cloning an animal, about economics without running a bank, about History without journeying physically into the past, and so forth. The human mind can and does explore much wider terrain than does the human body (though in fact human minds and bodies do undoubtedly have an Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation impressive track record in physical exploration too). Huge amounts of 6+ Task List Templates Excel, what people learn is drawn from the past that has not been forgotten. Furthermore, humans display great ingenuity in trying to recover information about lost languages and departed civilisations, so that everything possible can be retained within humanity's collective memory banks. Very well, the Professional Pilot Template . Aviation, critics then sniff; let's accept that History has a role. But the second criticism levelled at the subject is Resume [], that it is basic and boring.

In other words, if History is not meaningless bunk , it is nonetheless poor fare, consisting of soul-sapping lists of Professional Pilot Resume ., facts and dates. Further weary sighs come from historians when they hear this criticism. Military To Federal? It often comes from people who do not care much for the subject but who simultaneously complain that schoolchildren do not know key dates, usually drawn from their national history. Perhaps the critics who complain that History-is-so-boring had the misfortune to be taught by uninspired teachers who dictated 'teacher's notes' or who inculcated the subject as a compendium of Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation, data to be learned by heart. Such pedagogic styles are best outlawed, although the information that they intended to Billing Job Description | Job convey is Professional Resume Aviation, far from irrelevant. Congratulations? Facts and dates provide some of the basic building blocks of Template Bizjetjobscom, History as a field of study, but on their own they have limited meaning. Take a specific case. It would be impossible to Templates Excel comprehend 20th-century world history if given nothing but a list of key dates, supplemented by information about (say) population growth rates, economic resources and church attendance. And even if further evidence were provided, relating to (say) the size of armies, the cost of oil, and comparative literacy levels, this cornucopia of data would still not furnish nearly enough clues to reconstruct a century's worth of world experience.

On its own, information is not knowledge. That great truth cannot be repeated too often. Having access to Pilot Resume Template . abundant information, whether varnished or unvarnished, does not in itself mean that people can make sense of the data. Charles Dickens long ago satirised the 'facts and For Completing, nothing but the facts' school of Professional ., thought. In his novel Hard Times ,(1) he invented the hard-nosed businessman, Thomas Gradgrind, who believes that knowledge is sub-divided into nuggets of information. Children should then be given 'Facts' and taught to avoid 'Fancy' or any form of independent thought and imagination. In the Dickens novel, the Gradgrindian system comes to grief, and so it does in real life, if attempts are ever made to found education upon this theory. People need mental frameworks that are primed to understand and to assess the available data and as often happens to challenge and update both the frameworks and the details too. So the task of educationalists is to Congratulations Project Certificate help their students to develop adaptable and critical minds, as well as to gain specific expertise in specific subjects. Returning to the case of Professional Template . Aviation, someone first trying to understand 20th-century world history, the To Federal Resume Examples - Template, notional list of key dates and facts would need to be framed by reading (say) Eric Hobsbawm's Age of Extremes: the Short Twentieth Century (2) or, better still, by contrasting this study with (say) Mark Mazower's Dark Continent (3) or Bernard Wasserstein's Barbarism and Civilization (4) on 20th-century Europe, and/or Alexander Woodside's Lost Modernities: China, Vietnam, Korea and the Hazards of World History (5) or Ramachandra Guha's India after Gandhi: the History of the World's Largest Democracy (6) to name but a few recent overview studies.

Or, better again, students can examine critically the views and sources that underpin these historians' big arguments, as well as debate all of this material (facts and ideas) with others. Above all, History students expect to study for themselves some of the original sources from the past; and, for Pilot Resume ., their own independent projects, they are asked to find new sources and new arguments or to think of new ways of Sailing 1st Grade: Activities, re-evaluating known sources to generate new arguments. Such educational processes are a long, long way from memorising lists of facts. It follows therefore that History students' understanding of the subject cannot be properly assessed by asking single questions that require yes/no responses or by offering multiple-choice questions that have to be answered by ticking boxes. Such exercises are memory tests but not ways of evaluating an understanding of History. Noting two weak arguments in Resume Aviation favour of Service | Leaflet | Home Maintenance, studying History. Some arguments in favour of Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, studying History also turn out, on close inspection, to For Completing be disappointingly weak.

These do not need lengthy discussion but may be noted in passing. For example, some people semi-concede the critics' case by saying things like: 'Well, History is not obviously useful but its study provides a means of learning useful skills' . Pilot Resume? But that says absolutely nothing about the content of the subject. Of course, the ability to analyse a diverse array of Technician Resume [], often discrepant data, to provide a reasoned interpretation of the said data, and to give a reasoned critique of one's own and other people's interpretations are invaluable life- and work-skills. These are abilities that History as a field of study is particularly good at inculcating. Nevertheless, the possession of analytical and interpretative skills is not a quality that is exclusive to historians. The chief point about studying History is to study the subject for the invaluable in-depth analysis and the long-term perspective it confers upon the entire human experience the component skills being an essential ingredient of the process but not the prime justification. Meanwhile, another variant reply to 'What is the use of History?' is often given in the following form: 'History is not useful but it is still worthwhile as a humane subject of study' . That response says something but the Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom ., first phrase is wrong and the conclusion is far too weak.

It implies that understanding the To Federal Resume Examples, past and Professional Resume Aviation, the legacies of the past is an optional extra within the educational system, with cultural value for those who are interested but without any general relevance. Such reasoning was behind the recent and highly controversial decision in Britain to Examples - Template remove History from the Pilot Resume . Aviation, required curriculum for schoolchildren aged 1416. Resume []? Yet, viewing the subject as an optional extra, to add cultural gloss, seriously underrates the Professional Aviation, foundational role for Sailing 1st Grade: Tic-Tac-Toe Activities, human awareness that is derived from understanding the past and its legacies. Dropping History as a universal subject will only increase rootlessness among young people. The decision points entirely in the wrong direction. Instead, educationalists should be planning for more interesting and powerful ways of teaching the subject. Otherwise it risks becoming too fragmented, including too many miscellaneous skills sessions, thereby obscuring the Professional Pilot Resume Template, big 'human story' and depriving children of a vital collective resource. 1st Grade: Tic-Tac-Toe Activities? Celebrating the Professional Resume ., strong case for History. Much more can be said not just in defence of History but in terms of its positive advocacy.

The best response is the simplest, as noted right at the start of this conversation. When asked 'Why History?' the answer is that History is inescapable. Here it should be reiterated that the 6+ Task Templates - Word Pdf Templates, subject is Pilot Template, being defined broadly. The word 'History' in English usage has many applications. It can refer to 'the past'; or 'the study of the past'; and/or sometimes 'the meaning(s) of the past'. In this discussion, History with a capital H means the academic field of study; and the subject of such study, the Job Description Resume, past, is Resume Bizjetjobscom ., huge. In practice, of List Templates Excel, course, people specialise. The past/present of the globe is studied by Professional Pilot Template . Aviation geographers and Resume Examples - Template, geologists; the biological past/present by biologists and zoologists; the astronomical past/present by Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom . astrophysicists; and so forth. Among professional historians, the prime focus is upon the past/present of the human species, although there are some who are studying the 6+ Task Excel Pdf Templates, history of climate and/or the environmental history of the globe. Indeed, the boundaries between the specialist academic subjects are never rigid.

So from a historian's point of view, much of Pilot Template . Aviation, what is studied under the rubric of (for example) Anthropology or Politics or Sociology or Law can be regarded as specialist sub-sets of History, which takes as its remit the whole of the Technician Resume, human experience, or any section of that experience. Certainly, studying the past in depth while simultaneously reviewing the Professional Resume ., long-term past/present of the human species directs people's attention to the mixture of continuities and different forms of change in Medical Billing Job Description | Job human history, including revolution as well as evolution. Legacies from the Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom Aviation, past are preserved but also adapted, as each generation transmits them to the following one. Sailing 1st Grade: Spelling Activities? Sometimes, too, there are mighty upheavals, which also need to be navigated and comprehended. And there is loss. Not every tradition continues unbroken. But humans can and do learn also from information about vanished cultures and from pathways that were not followed. Understanding all this helps people to establish a secure footing or 'location' within the unfolding saga of time, which by definition includes both duration and change. The metaphor is not one of fixation, like dropping an anchor or trying to halt the Professional Resume . Aviation, flow of time. Instead, it is the ability to keep a firm footing within history's rollercoaster that is so important. Another way of putting it is to have secure roots that will allow for continuity but also for growth and change.

Nothing, indeed, can be more relevant to successful functioning in the here-and-now. The immediate moment, known as the synchronic, is Congratulations For Completing Certificate, always located within the long-term unfolding of Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation, time: the diachronic. And the converse is also true. The long term of history always contributes to the immediate moment. Hence my twin maxims, the Resume, synchronic is always in the diachronic . The present moment is always part of an unfolding long term, which needs to be understood. And vice versa. The diachronic is Resume Bizjetjobscom, always in the synchronic: the long term, the past, always contributes to 6+ Task List Templates Pdf Templates the immediate moment. As living creatures, humans have an Professional Pilot Resume . Aviation instinctive synchro-mesh , that gears people into the present moment. But, in addition to that, having a perspective upon longitudinal time, and history within that, is one of the strengths of the alert human consciousness.

It may be defined as a parallel process of diachro-mesh , to coin a new term. On the strength of Technician Resume [], that experience, societies and individuals assess the long-term passage of events from past to present and, in many cases, manage to measure time not just in terms of Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, nanoseconds but also in terms of millennia. Humans are exceptional animals for their ability to think 'long' as well as 'immediate'; and those abilities need to Sailing Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities be cultivated. If educational systems do not provide a systematic grounding in the study of History, then people will glean some picture of the past and the role of themselves, their families, and their significant associations (which include everything from nations and religions to local clubs and neighbourhood networks) from Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . a medley of Technician Resume, other resources from cultural traditions, from collective memories, from myths, rumours, songs, sagas, from political and Professional Aviation, religious teachings and customs, from their families, their friends, and from every form of human communication from Handyman Service Templates gossip to the printing press and on to the Professional Pilot Resume, web. People do learn, in other words, from Technician [] a miscellany of resources that are assimilated both consciously and unconsciously. But what is learned may be patchy or confused, leaving some feeling rootless; or it may be simplified and partisan, leaving others feeling embattled or embittered. A good educational system should help people to study History more formally, more systematically, more accurately, more critically and more longitudinally. By that means, people will have access to a great human resource, compiled over many generations, which is the collective set of studies of the past, and the human story within that. Humans do not learn from the past, people sometimes say.

An extraordinary remark! People certainly do not learn from the future. And the Professional Resume Template, present is so fleeting that everything that is learned in the present has already passed into the past by the time it is consolidated. Of course humans learn from the past and Resume, that is why it is studied. History is thus not just about things 'long ago and far away' though it includes that but it is Pilot Bizjetjobscom ., about all that makes humanity human up close and personal. The repentance of Henry Ford: History is not bunk.

Interestingly, Henry Ford's dictum that 'History is bunk' now itself forms part of human history. It has remained in circulation for 90 years since it was first coined. And it exemplifies a certain no-nonsense approach of the stereotypical go-ahead businessman, unwilling to be hide-bound by old ways. But Ford himself repented. He faced much derision for his apparent endorsement of know-nothingism. 'I did not say it [History] was bunk', he elaborated: 'It was bunk to Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities me '. Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation? Some business leaders may perhaps affect contempt for what has gone before, but the wisest among them look to the past, to understand the foundations, as well as to the future, in order to build. Indeed, all leaders should reflect that arbitrary changes, imposed willy-nilly without any understanding of the historical context, generally fail. There are plenty of recent examples as well as long-ago case-histories to substantiate this observation.

Politicians and generals in Iraq today on all sides should certainly take heed. Model-T Ford 1908. Billing Job Description | Job Resume? After all, Ford's pioneering Model T motor-car did not arrive out of the blue in 1908. He had spent the previous 15 years testing a variety of horseless carriages. Pilot Bizjetjobscom? Furthermore, the Model T relied upon an advanced steel industry to supply the car's novel frame of Technician Resume, light steel alloy, as well as the Pilot Resume Template, honed skills of the engineers who built the cars, and the savvy of the oil prospectors who refined petroleum for fuel, just as Ford's own novel design for electrical ignition drew upon the systematic study of electricity initiated in the 18th century, while the invention of the wheel was a human staple dating back some 5,000 years. It took a lot of human history to create the automobile. Ford Mustang 2007. And the To Federal - Template, process by Professional Template Bizjetjobscom . no means halted with Henry Ford I. So the next invention that followed upon his innovations provided synchro-mesh gearing for these new motorised vehicles and that change itself occurred within the Military To Federal - Template, diachro-mesh process of shared adaptations, major and minor, that were being developed, sustained, transmitted and revolutionised through time.

Later in life, Henry Ford himself became a keen collector of early American antique furniture, as well as of classic automobiles. In this way, he paid tribute both to Pilot Resume Template . his cultural ancestry and to 6+ Task - Word the cumulative as well as revolutionary transformations in human transportation to which he had so notably contributed. Moreover, for the Ford automobile company, there was a further twist in the tale. In his old age, the once-radical Henry Ford I turned into an out-of-touch despot. Bizjetjobscom? He failed to adapt with the changing industry and left his pioneering business almost bankrupt, to Technician Resume be saved only by new measures introduced by his grandson Henry Ford II. Time and history had the Resume Bizjetjobscom ., last laugh outlasting even fast cars and Insurance Billing And Coding Job Description, scoffers at Professional Template . Aviation History. Because humans are rooted in Handyman Templates time, people do by one means or another pick up ideas about the past and its linkages with the present, even if these ideas are sketchy or uninformed or outright mythological. But it is best to gain access to the ideas and evidence of Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation, History as an integral part of normal education. The broad span of human experience, viewed both in Sailing Through 1st Grade: Activities depth and longitudinally over time, is the subject of History as a field of study. Therefore the true question is not: 'What is the Pilot Template, use or relevance of History?' but rather: 'Given that all people are living histories, how can we all best learn about the long-unfolding human story in which all participate?' C. Dickens, Hard Times (London, 1854). E. Hobsbawm, Age of Extremes: the Short Twentieth Century (London, 1994).

M. Mazower, Dark Continent: Europe's Twentieth Century (London, 1998). B. Wasserstein, Barbarism and Civilisation: a History of Europe in Our Time (Oxford, 2007). A. Woodside, Lost Modernities: China, Vietnam, Korea and the Hazards of World History (Cambridge, Mass., 2006). R. Guha, India after Gandhi: the History of the World's Largest Democracy (London, 2007). H. Carr, What is History? (rev. edn., Basingstoke, 1986).

Drolet, The Postmodern Reader: Foundational Texts (London, 2003). J. Evans, In Defence of History (London, 1997). Gunn, History and Cultural Theory (Harlow, 2006). Jenkins, Re-thinking History (London, 1991) Jordanova, History in Practice (London, 2000). The Routledge Companion to Congratulations For Completing Project Certificate Historical Studies , ed. A. Aviation? Munslow (London, 1999). P. Thompson, The Poverty of Theory (London, 1978).

Tosh, The Pursuit of History: Aims, Methods and New Directions in the Study of Modern History (many edns., London, 1984). Penelope J. Corfield is professor of history at Royal Holloway, University of Sailing Through 1st Grade: Spelling, London. . Aviation? If quoting, please kindly acknowledge copyright: Penelope J. Corfield 2008.

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essay on lying This is for Shlomo Elfassy. I hate being lied to. Short of violence, it is the worst thing you can do to me. Template? Not because of God, or the Ten Commandments, or any universal moral precepts. The reason that I hate lies is because, like you, I wish to navigate carefully through life, and to do so I must be able to calculate my true position. When you lie to me, you know your position but you have given me false data which obscures mine.

Lying is Handyman Service | Leaflet Templates | Home, theft. When you tell me something which I take to be true and . Aviation as a result I invest my time, or my money, or even my care, you have stolen these things from me because you obtained them with false information. Lying creates inequality. Since you also do not like being lied to--I have never known anyone who wanted to To Federal Resume Examples - Template, be deceived-- you have acted as if there were two classes of humans: you, with the right to lie, and everyone else, who must be truthful to you so that you too will not lose your way. Lying treats people as means to Pilot Template ., the end you wish to 6+ Task Pdf Templates, accomplish, and Professional Resume not as ends in themselves. Lying is For Completing Your Project Certificate, one of those rare areas in which the moral rulebook and the legal one overlap each other quite neatly. Fraud is defined as an intentional falsehood on which another relies to his detriment. A fraud is a lie writ large, often in a financial context, where the damage to me is quantifiable in money. Even those lies which the law does not define as fraud tend to fit the same definition: a knowing false utterance which the mark is Resume Bizjetjobscom Aviation, intended to rely on to his harm, and does. Medical Billing And Coding Job Description Resume? The only Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation differences are of degree, for Insurance Job Description | Job Resume example, when we cannot assess the loss in money. The basic tenet that lying is wrong seems to be universal to all cultures, probably because humans are social animals.

To live together in a society we must tell the truth to Professional Template . Aviation, each other about such basic matters as sources of food or of danger. For Completing Project? Sissela Bok writes in Lying: Moral Choice in Resume Template . Aviation Public and Private Life : A society, then, whose members were unable to distinguish truthful messages from deceptive ones, would collapse. But even before such a general collapse, individual choice and survival would be imperilled. The search for food and shelter could depend on no expectations from others. A warning that a well was poisoned or a plea for help in Technician [] an accident would come to Resume Template, be ignored unless independent confirmation could be found.

Since even liars agree that lying is wrong, to Handyman Service Templates, the extent that they do not wish to be lied to and to lose their way, there are some remarkable special cases in our society: we justify some lies and are resigned to others. Why does indignation fail in certain cases? Public and Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . private spheres. Before looking at specific cases, I would like to dispose of the idea that, where lying is Service | Leaflet | Home Maintenance, concerned, there is an important distinction to Professional Pilot Template ., be made between public and | Home private life. Some people believe lying is more justified in one area than the other. This can cut either way: we tolerate a politician who lies because he adores, and is rigorously faithful to, his wife of forty years. Or we excuse a friend's marital infidelity because we believe him to be of complete integrity in business relationships. Ross Perot pointed out, correctly in Professional Pilot Resume . Aviation my view, that where lying is Technician Resume, concerned you cannot separate the Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation spheres. He did not want adulterers working for him because any man who will lie to his wife will lie to For Completing Your, me.

You can test this assertion by asking yourself: why wouldn't he? Because his wife is Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom, a thing to him but I am a person? There is no answer to the question likely to inspire continuing confidence in the individual. 6+ Task Excel? Once we know that another violated a relationship of Professional Pilot Resume, trust and Technician Resume reliance, there is no moral distinction to be drawn based on the sphere in which the Professional Pilot Resume deed occurred. Infidelity. Congratulations Project Certificate? Sexual infidelity has become so common in our society that it is increasingly treated as if it were a sociological phenomenon rather than a moral issue: men are more likely to Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom, have multiple mates and families during life, women are more likely to have one. Examples? As Richard Dawkins teaches us in The Selfish Gene , both approaches can be evolutionarily successful strategies: investing maximum time in a few offspring gives them a better chance of Template Bizjetjobscom, survival; having as many offspring as possible with multiple mates makes it likely that at least some will survive, though you have invested no time in Certificate them. Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation? Lying itself can be an eminently successful strategy; as Huxley pointed out in Darwin's lifetime, there is no overlap between evolution and ethics. Infidelity is of interest for Military To Federal Examples - Template our purposes here because it is involves lying (if we choose to have an Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation open relationship, there is no infidelity, so the phrase itself requires that a lie have occurred).

In being unfaithful, I create a situation in Military To Federal Resume - Template which my wife has a false view of reality: she loses her way. She reposes all her trust and love in me based on an understanding that we are exclusive, that all my concern is invested in her, and this understanding is completely false. She is in effect living in a house which may appear solid but has no foundation. I can't imagine a greater fraud than to Professional Pilot, steal years of someone's life this way. The opportunity costs are tremendous: your spouse had the opportunity to find someone else who was truthful and Resume Examples - Template build a life with him and you robbed her of that. The existence of sexually transmitted diseases makes infidelity even more horrendous. Even in nonmarital relationships, deliberately tolerated or encouraged mismatches of expectations are quite common. If one member of a couple has communicated a wish to be exclusive, in my rulebook the other has a reciprocal responsibility to be truthful about whether or not this is agreeable. The consequences of Pilot Resume ., lying are not just emotional but because of disease, may bring severe physical harm. There are many people who contracted AIDS from a companion they thought was faithful, but even if the Congratulations ailment is merely an itch curable by penicillin you had no right to make me run a risk I never chose to undertake, any more than you have the right to steal an hour of my time with a lie.

Several human conventions and self-deceptions interfere with the perception that infidelity involves a horrendous lie. Pilot Aviation? Feminism temporarily clouded the issue because of ancient concepts of property lying at the roots of marriage and sexual relationships. If the man is Spelling, a master, free to act as he pleases, and Pilot Resume Template Aviation the woman a chattel, infidelity restores the balance by granting the woman some autonomy. Concepts of turning the tables, of two wrongs make a right do not end inequality; they promote or exploit it. 6+ Task Pdf Templates? Once relationships are reconceived as a partnership of equals, having nothing to Pilot Resume Template Aviation, do with mastery or property, the obligation of truthfulness comes to the fore, as it does in any kind of partnership. Another human convention about infidelity seems to be based merely on Military To Federal Examples the fact that it has become so common. We reverse engineer morality from Resume Template, ubiquity; in other words, we cease believing that anything so prevalent can be wrong (a similar mental accomodation led many to tolerate human slavery.) People commonly remain friendly with someone who told the most appalling lies to a spouse. A related kind of tolerance is engendered sometimes from the lack of legal consequences; we sometimes confuse the legal plane with the moral, so as to say that if the behavior does not result in a judgment for [] damages, it is not wrong in a fundamental sense. Ironically, the Resume . Aviation reconception of Spelling Activities, marriage as a partnership of equals in Resume Bizjetjobscom this case has had the unintended consequence of diminishing our sense of shock at adultery.

Two career marriages are common, and alimony almost unknown today; therefore there is increasingly a conception that someone who did not end up in a mess (struggling to take care of two families) could not have done something wrong. (Of course, when adulterers more commonly ended up in financially untenable situations, this as frequently excited the compassion of the Billing And Coding people around them. My wife remembers bitterly the friends who said, But he's a student! when she expressed an expectation that her estranged first husband would contribute to the support of their child.) But it is incorrect to work backwards from a lack of consequences to the morality of an action; human life is inherently ragged and uneven and an action violating a moral rule does not inevitably lead to Professional Template Aviation, any punishment. Another set of excuses arise from a loss of For Completing Your Certificate, respect for the institution of marriage. Just as women, treated as chattels, may have regarded infidelity as a way to Resume Template Bizjetjobscom ., restore their self-respect, men who feel that they were dragged into rather than choosing marriage have long justified infidelity as if it were a dessert which you eat to Through 1st Grade: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe, comfort yourself at the end of a bad day. There is an entire literary genre of the 1960's, which I find to be infantile and Bizjetjobscom . Aviation unreadable: the And Coding | Job Resume self-pitying novel of adultery, by a male author, presumably autobiographical, where marriage is portrayed as an absurd collection of Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, social expectations which the protagonist undertakes because he has no choice and because society expects it. This is the novel of I live in the suburbs, my wife is a stranger, I am alienated, and my nubile young student represents freedom. Such excuses are pathetic because they justify lies by denying that the liar is a moral actor: he is just a chip in a billow, carried into marriage. By blaming society, his or her parents, the Technician spouse, everyone but himself, he obscures what is essentially a simple situation: as a moral actor, he has a responsibility either to make it work, as earlier generations did, or not to ., be there. But the Handyman Service Templates Maintenance not to Professional Pilot Aviation, be there must also be seen through a lens of moral responsibility, because where there has been very substantial reliance, make it work may be the Sailing Through 1st Grade: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe only moral choice.

Otherwise its too facile. She invested thirty years of her life in me, but she's not who I thought, so I'm going to abandon her and start over, should not be an easy or common choice. I love being married. Marriage in my book is about equality, partnership and truth. Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation? The ideal is a relationship of complete trust and Resume corresponding simplicity, the most uncomplicated and invigorating atmosphere on earth. Lying in business. Commerce is an Resume Template . Aviation ancient and respectable human activity that predates written language.

If I have extra wheat and you have extra apples, lets work out a trade. While to many people today, lying and business are as inextricably entangled as deceit and war, there is nothing about the fundamental nature of commerce which dictates that lying form an essential part. A business organization is Sailing Through 1st Grade: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities, a form of human community dedicated to Professional Resume ., commerce. As such, it can be based on the same assumptions as any other type of community: that people are ends, not means, and that the community is formed for the benefit of all. While a few businesses are run so that the employees are all equal (co-ops and ESOP's), even those more hierarchically organized can be based on the premise that people treated with honesty and concern will respond with loyalty and Examples hard work. If this sounds impossibly idealistic, it is not. I am a businessman and have founded and Professional Template . run companies based on this premise. Companies, like any other community, are held together by a type of glue. In political communities, there are three types available, fear, greed or loyalty; businesses are usually based on either greed or loyalty, as fear does not apply when there is a large choice of other communities which can be easily joined by Congratulations Your, changing jobs. People may work in a business based on lies without being disturbed by it if they are resigned to Professional Resume Template . Aviation, it and especially if the lies do not impact them personally (similar to the tolerance of adultery by friends mentioned above.) They may tolerate an environment in Technician Resume [] which they are routinely lied to if the Resume Template Aviation financial opportunity is large enough and especially if they are of the Sailing Through 1st Grade: type who can thrive in an environment of lies.

However, I believe most people would prefer, if the opportunity exists, to work in a company whose goals they approve and which treats them as human beings and Professional Pilot Resume not as things. If I am correct about this, then it follows that they look to 6+ Task - Word, business leadership with the same standards as any other kind of leadership. They may be resigned to a lack of Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, integrity, but it nevertheless remains an ideal. Businesses can be tremendously successful without engaging in fraud. While we may be suckered into buying products that are highly hyped, we also have a special affection for, and often a lifelong relationship to, products that accomplish a job unpretentiously and about which no extraordinary claims are made. I value the car I drive, and will buy another of the same kind, because it hasn't broken down in six years, not because I believe that by owning it I am younger or better-looking than I actually am. One of the [] companies in which I worked had a business model which was ninety percent sales and ten percent implementation. I am not implying any dishonesty built into the model; there are businesses where finding the opportunity is most of the work, and delivering the result is much easier. Through years of close involvement with the salespeople, during which time I assisted in solving various conflicts and Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation ethical dilemmas, I learned that sales, which has such a bad reputation, can itself be a business of great integrity. At its most transparent, sales involves the matching of a problem and a solution, or a need and the thing which satisfies it.

The salesperson, rather than lying to the purchaser and getting him to want something unsuitable, can simply work to Maintenance, eliminate the friction of the system by honestly addressing the purchaser's concerns. There is an incentive to Resume Template Aviation, be honest in business, as in other kinds of List - Word Excel, activities, which works entirely on a practical and not a moral plane. Customers who discover that they have been lied to Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom Aviation, will not return; employees who have been lied to will leave, and it will become harder to recruit new ones. These practical incentives do not always work (economic necessity, the lack of choice, or simply the Your Project ease of obfuscation and difficulty of transmitting information, may be enough to counter them.) Nevertheless, they work enough of the time that the consequences of deception provide a practical brake on the system. Leadership and Professional Pilot Resume Template . Aviation Lying. A study done right after World War II concluded that soldiers did not fight for the American flag, or some devout conception of Congratulations Project, country or democracy, or for the president. They fought for the other members of Professional Resume Template ., their squad, the [] smallest unit of the huge community of which they were members. The squad may also have been the only unit in which they could have been certain there was rigorous honesty among the Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation members. In the squad, lies could be most easily detected and their consequences were most grave. Since our daily survival depends on our watching each other's backs, if you are not carrying the weight, if you are making excuses and taking more from List Templates, me than you are giving, I will certainly know. Professional Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation? In a primal unit dedicated entirely to survival, there is Medical Job Description | Job Resume, no room for Resume Template Bizjetjobscom liars.

It is Insurance And Coding | Job, interesting to compare the beauty and simplicity of the squad with the larger components of the community. Why would we not hope for the same clarity in the larger groups that we found in the smallest one? Who wouldn't want to be able to look at the captain, the colonel or the general with the same implicit trust one felt for one's squad mates? That we regard this as a naive aspiration is based on experience and resignation, not on our desire for a rulebook which permits lying. These distinctions are built into our vocabulary: we talk about politicians lying, not leaders; not every politician is Professional Resume, a leader, not even one in a position of ostensible leadership. A leader is Resume - Template, like a flag: we want to know what he stands for Professional Pilot Resume Template . in order to salute him. We want him to take our side, solve our problems, treat us as people rather than chattel, and Your Project Certificate be responsive to our opinions. His honesty is the cornerstone of the Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation structure; if we catch him lying to us it is impossible to be confident he is carrying out the And Coding Job Description rest of his mission. While many people are resigned to being lied to by politicians, few will defend the premise that a leader should lie to us for Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom Aviation our own good. Even liars want the Medical Insurance And Coding | Job Resume people around them to be truthful, so that they do not lose their own way.

A leader who is tasked with acting as navigator for Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom an entire community must seek to have people around him who will give him rigorously accurate information, so he does not crash the vessel on Military Resume Examples - Template the rocks. If he is a liar, he has arrogated the Template right to himself to be the only one in Sailing the system, as he could not do his job if the others around him behaved as he did. Note that I make the assumption that lies cannot be contained, while many lying leaders assume they can. We can all collaborate to lie to the public, as long as we are honest with one another: this was the Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation ethic of the Nixon administration and of many other governments through-out history. Crisis situations tend to bring out Handyman Service | Leaflet this ethic; in Pilot Resume . crises, war being a prime example, conventional rulebooks are suspended and fraud (alongside force) is To Federal Examples, engaged to achieve our goals. As Sissela Bok points out, apologists for lying have long maintained that there are people to whom we owe no obligation of Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, truth. The starkest example is the murderer who asks you where his intended victim is hiding. List Excel Pdf Templates? This hypothetical, discussed by every philosopher who has analyzed the phenomenon of lying, divides the absolutists from the relativists. Kant, an absolutist, maintained we must not even lie to a murderer.

Most of us would find this lie completely justified, even if there was no other lie we would ever tell. At the Resume Aviation other extreme, we may create structures in which we owe no obligation of To Federal Resume - Template, truth to large groups of people, based on such factors as race, geographical origin, economic status, or the mere fact that they are our followers. Here the Pilot Bizjetjobscom . Aviation exception winds up eating the rule: we may have no obligation of honesty to anyone except a select few--and we may even betray those when there is something else to be gained. We can call this the organized crime theory of leadership. Human inertia leads to complacency sometimes. We tolerate the 6+ Task List Excel Pdf Templates harm a friend did another because we do not want to Template, give up a friend.

We tolerate even more dishonesty in the workplace, because we do not want to List Templates - Word, leave a job. The unwillingness to take action or make significant changes in our lives thus promotes lying to ourselves. Template Bizjetjobscom .? Sometimes we render a lie innocuous by regarding it as an extraordinary event. Someone told a lie to promote a particularly important goal, but now that things have returned to normal he will return to truth and Handyman Service | Home I can count on him. The problem is that this flies in the face of human nature. Just as bodies in motion tend to Professional Pilot Resume Template ., remain in motion, liars who have succeeded in obtaining something important through a falsehood should be expected to utter another one when there is something else to obtain. Lies become habitual and the goals may be of decreasing importance.

The belief that lies can be contained within neat temporal, geographical or ethnic lines is disproved by experience. Congratulations Your Project? [F]ew lies, says Bok, are solitary ones: The first lie 'must be thatched with another or it will rain through.' More and more lies may come to Professional Resume ., be needed; the liar always has more mending to do. And the strains on Sailing Through Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Activities him become greater each time. After the first lies, moreover, others can come more easily. Pilot Resume . Aviation? Psychological barriers wear down; lies seem more necessary, less reprehensible; the ability to make moral distinctions can coarsen. A man who has obtained a leadership position through a lie faces an interesting challenge. If he cannot convince the 6+ Task List Templates Pdf Templates people around him that there was no lie, then he must try to persuade them that it was the last one; in other words, that lies can be contained.

Since his entire authority, the position itself, was obtained by that lie, it will be a very difficult task. Pilot Resume . Aviation? It is on a moral plane with: We had to commit one murder to Insurance And Coding Job Description | Job Resume, achieve our goals, but there will never be another. In life, as in Bizjetjobscom Aviation the movies, everyone usually has their knives out a remarkably short time after this statement is made. In the graphic hypothetical of the killer seeking his victim, we face an extraordinary situation. The rules have broken down (or the authorities who could apply them cannot reach us in time) and we are in a state of nature where the individual we are facing is prepared to Sailing, apply force. However, even in this situation we have other choices.

We could respond with force, or run away, or refuse to answer. Professional Pilot Bizjetjobscom . Aviation? The fact that a lie may be the most practical response does not mean it complies with our rulebook. Nor are we compelled to rewrite the List Templates Excel rules to accomodate it. Here we face the Professional . old confusion between the moral and practical. Most moral rulebooks do not attempt to incorporate the practical at all turns. (If they did, only one rule would be necessary: Anything practical is acceptable.) It may be highly practical to throw some people from the Resume lifeboat when the waves get high or food is Professional Pilot ., short (it may be even more practical to kill and eat them.) But under most of our rulebooks, it would be a highly unethical choice. Thus the statement I had to lie is never true, because there are other choices which we evaluated but found too costly. For Completing Your Certificate? A common experience of my generation was the Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation choice of whether to lie to avoid the draft during Vietnam. (I turned 18 the year the draft ended. I had already formulated the Billing And Coding | Job ideas I am expressing here,but I cannot say with certainty that I would have had the courage of my convictions.) On the Aviation one hand, most people who evaded the draft had a genuine belief that the war was immoral. On the [] other hand, many missed the Pilot Template . fact that draft evasion was not a moral choice, nor was it in Handyman Service | Leaflet Templates | Home any way (because concealed) an act of protest. On a spectrum of moral statement, two other choices were more honest.

The highest form of protest, involving the Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom . most personal risk, was to refuse to Technician [], serve and Bizjetjobscom . Aviation accept the consequences. Few people had the courage to do this. Another choice was to Congratulations Your Project, withdraw from the community altogether and go live in another country, which more people did. Draft evaders, by contrast, became free riders who continued to accept the benefits of American society without paying the price that society demanded in Professional Bizjetjobscom return. As such, they were on the same moral plane as welfare cheats and anyone else who obtains something on false pretenses. In a Hobbesian state of nature, we may face stark choices. In wars, good men may face each other every day in Handyman | Leaflet Templates Maintenance circumstances which they did not choose and from which only Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom one can emerge alive.

Still, there is a choice made, to kill and live, where another path was available (to die rather than kill.) The choice to live, though natural and Medical Insurance Billing | Job Resume understandable, need not be elevated into a moral imperative. In fact, it is not under most rulebooks; think again about the lifeboat example, where we are not permitted to Professional Resume Template Bizjetjobscom ., kill other inhabitants of the boat, even to ensure our own survival. Lies and violence can be viewed similarly. Technician? Lies are never necessary and when applied to protect an important interest, like survival, never need to be elevated to the level of a morally acceptable choice. Our rulebooks, after all, are compilations of the ways we should behave. If riddled with exceptions, they lose simplicity and Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation efficacy and become mere sociological mirrors of actuality. Aren't there white lies? It is very hard to say what these are.

Personally, I feel better saying nothing about your appalling tie than praising it falsely. Though I have told enough lies to get out of social engagements I wanted to avoid, I believe today that an accretion of such lies, however trivial, undermines the trust we feel for another human being in more significant matters. It is hard to say that any lie is wholly beneficial or otherwise completely without consequences. When my grandfather had leukemia, his doctor did not tell him; the conventional medical wisdom of the 1950's said it was merciful to lie. In my opinion, he was robbed of the opportunity to Handyman | Home, navigate his life knowingly in the light of a major obstacle in the landscape. Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom? When my father contracted lymphoma, medical ethics had changed, and Technician he was told everything from the start. When my own cancer arrives, I expect to be treated no differently. A very common and trivial lie involves deceiving someone about which others possess certain information. Many, perhaps most, promises of confidentiality are deceptive because privately conditional: I have the mental reservation (which I do not communicate to you) that I will not tell anyone except my wife, or a friend whom I trust also to keep the Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation secret. I told a memorable lie of 6+ Task List - Word Excel, this type, which backfired. (It was an important goal to include in this essay at Template Bizjetjobscom, least one example of a lie I told, so as not to | Home Maintenance, create a false impression that I have never lied.) Within a company, I was in an ambiguous situation of having two bosses: I was on loan from Boss 1 to Boss 2 (who did not want my help and regarded me as a spy for Boss 1.) Someone made a comment in Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation internal email in Handyman | Leaflet Templates | Home Maintenance Boss 2's group which I knew would anger Boss 1. I told Boss 1 about it in confidence. Boss 2 asked me if I had told anyone and I said no.

I was uncomfortable with the question, which I certainly could have answered honestly, and I took the line of least resistance. Boss 1 was so angered by the comment that he responded in email to the entire group, establishing me as a liar. My already difficult relations with Boss 2 and his group were now further undercut; I was publicly shamed and I can't say I fully recovered from this in my dealings with Boss 2. Yet the lie, at the moment I told it, seemed a very trivial one. I thought it would never be detected, so there would be no consequences. Also, I believed it was not a lie uttered in order to obtain a benefit on Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation false pretenses.

In reality, it was, because what I was trying to obtain was the Sailing Through 1st Grade: Tic-Tac-Toe continued level of trust, however small, which Boss 2 placed in me before I told the lie. Another common excuse for a lie is that it is uttered in response to an intrusive, inappropriate question. I probably thought Boss 2 really had no right to Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom ., ask me what I had or hadn't told Boss 1. Insurance And Coding Job Description Resume? Some people made this excuse for Bill Clinton lying about Monica Lewinsky: that the press had no right to inquire into his private life. However, even if we claim a distinction (which I rejected above) between the Pilot Resume Template . moral implications of private and public behavior, this is a very weak excuse. The President could have told the Military - Template truth or refused to Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, answer. It would be refreshing to hear a public figure say, That's none of Sailing Through 1st Grade: Tic-Tac-Toe, your damn business once in a while. Template .? By lying, he did himself immense public damage, of which the impeachment trial was the most visible and expensive consequence. Truth stands as an absolute value, the glue which binds the rulebook. When regard for Insurance | Job truth has been broken down or even slightly weakened, says St.

Augustine (quoted by Bok), all things will remain doubtful.

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Dec 02, 2017 Professional Pilot Resume Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation,

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How to write a great cover letter. Stand out from the crowd of job-hunters, and spend time writing a great and unique cover letter that will get you to Professional Resume Bizjetjobscom ., the next step in the application process. []. Here are some of the essentials you should know before you start on Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom, your next cover letter. Posted on 27th of April 2015. Isabella Castilha Dohrup.

Whatever you decide to call it - motivational letter, application, cover letter - it is one of the Handyman Service | Leaflet Templates Maintenance cornerstones of a successful job hunt. Pilot Bizjetjobscom . Aviation. Perfecting the cover letter has a huge payoff and Congratulations Your Project, it represents an opportunity that should not be wasted. According to a Graduateland survey, it's actually the second most important part of an application in the eyes of Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom hiring managers (right after the CV). The vast majority of Technician [] cover letters that a company receives are not very original as most of the Pilot applications follow the same checklist and have the same buzzwords such as “motivated, humble, team player, and international”. This makes it hard for the HR representatives to find the For Completing Certificate right candidate amongst the large pile of Resume unfocused and badly written applications. For Completing Your Project Certificate. Here is your opportunity to shine and create a great first impression through paper, making the Resume Template HR-guys’ day a little less difficult. When writing your cover letter try to write a story. Technician Resume []. This can be hard for many as not everyone has a modern-day Shakespeare inside of them, but try to write a story nonetheless - or look at some tips on brushing up your writing skills first. It could be the Professional Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation story of List Templates Excel how you figured out Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, you wanted to work for the company, the first time you were certain this is what you wanted to work with, or a story that highlights one of Military Resume your good traits. Depending on the degree of formality within the organization, try to Professional Resume, show some humor if possible, but this is For Completing Your Project, a bit harder as it can be misunderstood by the employer. Small details, with great importance.

Limit yourself to a single page (or less) Generally, employers do not ask for a long essay but they want you to answer the simple question: why are you the right candidate? A scary question, but something you must be able to answer briefly and eloquently. Know what position you are applying for It is also important to mention what position you are applying for, where you heard/saw the job posting, the Pilot Resume Template Aviation name of the Technician Resume company you are applying for and VERY briefly who you are (age, latest career/educational level) in the first paragraph of the cover letter. Specifically, address why you are interested in the company There must be a reason you decided to apply for a job in this company and make sure to tell them that. If the only reason is because you are desperate for Template Aviation a job, this might not be the best point to Resume, include, but try to get inspired by Pilot Template . what the Congratulations For Completing Certificate company does and see if you have any values and similarities in Professional Pilot Resume Template ., common. This shows personality and sets you apart from the other applicants Focus on what can you do for them Scrutinise the job description and whatever information you have about the Handyman Templates Maintenance posting, and determine the Pilot . Aviation key requirements and Technician, priorities for the job. Then address how you can fulfill these and Resume ., add value to the company, this can be done through an example that highlights one of your skills and capabilities. Get a name Addressing your cover letter to “Whomever it may concern” or “Dear Sirs” is not that personal and it is quite bland. Instead, contact the company or do some research online to figure out who will be reading your application and address it especially to them. Sailing Spelling Activities. If you don't have a direct contact, you can also ask your network for Professional Template Bizjetjobscom . Aviation help with finding it out. The letter has to Resume, make sense Make sure that the cover letter has a logical sequence from beginning to end, it helps if each paragraph you write is Pilot, another argument around the main point you are trying to make in the letter.

Be yourself The employers are looking at who you are, so do not be afraid of showing some personality, but avoid hard-sell, gimmicky, or unorthodox letters. Writing an honest and 6+ Task - Word Pdf Templates, genuine application always goes much further than sticking to rules you read online or on outdated career guides. Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom. Give the document a distinct name This is especially true when you are applying by mail or online (which is the most popular way of applying for jobs nowadays). Most importantly, ALWAYS proofread your cover letter carefully! It is important that you proofread your cover letter, but not just for grammatical mistakes.

Most people do copy-paste from previous cover letters. When you do this, make sure to change the company name and position you are applying for. Because if you do not, it is not just a complete embarrassment for 1st Grade: Spelling Activities you, but it might lose you the opportunity to Professional Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom . Aviation, be invited for an interview. When writing a cover letter get an idea of the structure and what you want to tell with each paragraph. You want to really catch the employer’s attention here, and this is also why the first sentence is the Sailing 1st Grade: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe hardest to write. Start fast and attract interest immediately through a story or a great anecdote. If you have a contact within the company who has recommended you, it can also be a good idea to add this in the beginning. If you need some help getting started, you can check out some examples of how to start a cover letter. Here you need to Professional Pilot Template Bizjetjobscom ., inform the Excel Pdf Templates employer of why you are writing and give them a brief idea of who you are.

This is a great place to highlight some of the Resume Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation best things about you and on your resume related to the job you are applying for. Remember that the cover letter complements your CV and not a copy of it. Therefore, make a summary of your career and achievements that you find important to highlight. Summarize briefly and Maintenance, be polite, thank the employer for their consideration and time, be humble above all else. Professional Template Bizjetjobscom Aviation. In the end, you can stress action by requesting a meeting and stating how you can be contacted. The 3 things you should never do in your cover letter: Copy the exact same wording as in the application Do not use extreme adjectives such as perfect - you are not sure you can live up to that, and no one is perfect!

Do not just write: see enclosed CV. Looking for country-specific information on cover letters? Then check out these articles: I am a very ambitious young woman, who is passionate about Medical Insurance Billing And Coding Job Description | Job Resume, branding, digital marketing and social media. I currently work as a studenthelper in Marketing and Communication at SEB Pension. Resume Bizjetjobscom. In my spare-time I am a senior advisor to NSAC and Student Board Representative of my university. I have previous experience managing social media profiles, newsletters, creating and Military Resume Examples - Template, executing marketing events, and Professional Resume, content writing. For Completing. My broad language skills have made communication easy for me, as I am fluent in Danish, English, and Portuguese.

I have lived and studied abroad, and I have a very international vision that I bring with me in any situation. This international awareness has made me aware of the Resume Bizjetjobscom importance of hard work and doing your best at any time. 5 steps to an incredible cover letter. How are cover letters still a thing? Applicants hate writing them, recruiters hate reading them. But here is the catch: Cover letters still matter. Can you apply for a job that you got rejected for before? Yes, you can - but not always. Should you put a picture on your CV?

The norms for having photos on your resume differ widely from country to country. Here are our recommendations when it comes to . How to apply for jobs when you’re not a 100% match. A few quick suggestions on Medical Billing And Coding | Job, responding to the 3 most common problems with jobs that you’re almost, but not completely right for. Your preparation guide for a virtual career fair - made from recruiter tips. Get the most out of the Virtual Career Fair 2017 by covering these 4 points. Template . Aviation. You can also download your cheat sheet, so you won’t . 3 ways to Billing And Coding, stand out to hiring managers online.

Our tips: fewer adjectives, more proofreading - and Pilot Resume Bizjetjobscom, making use of the digital toolbox. Junior HR Semi Generalist (Dutch and English) Prague, Czech Republic. Junior HR Generalist with Swedish. Prague, Czech Republic. Accigo soker nya stjarnskott till varens konsultprogram! Graduate Programme - Market Risk Analyst. London, United Kingdom. EMEA Global Markets: Research (Analyst only) London, United Kingdom. Follow Graduateland on.

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